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INFINITY SPY AGENCY: Be Recruited to Deliver Immersive School Workshops

Date 9th February 2019
Starts 3:45 pm
Finishes 4:30 pm
Room Bryanston
Hosted by Jim Salkeld of Thrill Education
*Please check to ensure that you have not double booked any of our seminars, workshops or events*

Come to our INFINITY Spy Agency workshop….

Thrill Education are looking for actors to lead our uniquely immersive school workshops and after school clubs, in which pupils carry out ‘missions’ for a fictional intelligence agency. In our sessions, kids work with props and interact with our supercomputer whilst developing problem solving, teamwork and communication skills. We have been described as “Like The Crystal Maze but designed by teachers”. The workshop will give you a chance to take part in a mission and give you an idea of what it is like to be a leader.

We are in our second school term and have had universally positive testimonials from schools, parents and teachers. Following a recent session, Rupert Blencowe of The Dragon School, wrote:

“Our pupils were completely engrossed in the scenarios that the Thrill team placed in front on them. They were captivated. If only all lessons in schools could be like this.”

We are expecting you…

Watch our video here www.thrilleducation.com

contact: info@thrilleducation.com

Thrill Education was founded by Jim Salkeld who, after many years in the healthcare sector, decided that he would fill out one last application for MI6 and, if a response was not forthcoming within a week, would start a rival intelligence agency….for children. The theory is pretty simple: children want to learn to be special agents, and the skills that they will need to develop as agents are the same skills that they will need in life.