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Upcoming Workshops

10:45 am

The Zen Approach to Acting

Hosted by Actor/Writer Megan Latham

Nerves are natural but too many nerves can be a real bugbear for actors both in the audition room and when performing. This workshop led by Megan Latham,...

11:45 am

Living in the Moment: a master class in the Meisner Technique

Hosted by Pamela Moller Kareman of The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre New York

Executive Director, Pamela Moller Kareman, brings this world-class acting technique to London. This workshop is a unique opportunity to experience the...

12:45 pm

Method Acting: Turbocharge your talent and win rave reviews from directors

Hosted by Louise O’Leary of StandBy Method Acting Studio

Discover the preferred method of countless globally recognised actors in this explosive practical workshop.

1:45 pm

Act Natural

Hosted by Simon Trinder of ICAT (Independent Centre for Actor Training

A high energy, totally practical workshop which exposes the impulse to speak in any and every script, helping the actor truly find the...

2:45 pm

Introduction to Motion Capture Performance

Hosted by Harrison Butler of Theater of Arts

Do you like to play video games? Do you have dreams of being in movies like Avatar or Star Wars? Get your chance in this participation-based workshop...

3:45 pm

INFINITY SPY AGENCY: Be Recruited to Deliver Immersive School Workshops

Hosted by Jim Salkeld of Thrill Education

Come to our INFINITY Spy Agency workshop….

4:45 pm

Tips For Mastering the Essential American Accent

Hosted by Accent & Dialect specialist Terry Besson

With the advent of Netflix and so many other channels, American TV shows and films have never been so widespread and, with many of those shows now being...

5:45 pm

The Camera Loves You, Use It To Your Advantage

Hosted by Director Suri Krishnamma

This workshop led by Suri Krishnamma, currently directing Coronation Street and a three-time BAFTA nominated writer and director, will address what the...