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Upcoming Seminars

Seymour & Devonshire
10:45 am

It’s All in the Preparation

Hosted by Casting Director Kahleen Crawford

Prolific casting director, Kahleen Crawford, will talk about why being prepared for auditions is so essential and what that really means from a casting...

11:45 am

The Business of Screen Acting for TV and Film

Hosted by TV Director Steve Finn and Film Producer/Director Tim Kent of The Actors Studio

In this seminar Steve Finn and Tim Kent – two industry heavyweights – will talk candidly about screen acting, the demands of being on set,...

12:45 pm

Casting 101

Hosted by Casting Associate Olivia Brittain of Jina Jay Casting

At the end of every casting process, someone will get the job. Why shouldn’t it be you? In this Casting 101 seminar Olivia Brittain will explore how...

1:45 pm

Conquering the Enemy Within

Hosted by Coach, author and former actor Charlotte Thornton

Beat self-sabotage and lack of self-belief by building the confidence that makes producers, casting directors and directors trust you.

2:45 pm

The Journey from Stage to Screen

Hosted by by Jay R Goldenberg on behalf of The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

In this seminar discover the differences between acting in front of an audience and in front of the camera. Actors must be able to work in both mediums,...

3:45 pm

What Makes an Actor Memorable?

Hosted by Casting Director Suzanne Smith

Legendary casting director, Suzanne Smith will talk about her vast experience of casting and the elusive question of what exactly it is that makes an...

4:45 pm

Playing the Long Game

Hosted by Agent James Davies of Sainou

Overnight successes are extremely rare in the industry and most actors have to play the long game. Highly experienced agents will discuss what they have...

5:35 pm

What Makes an Actor Memorable

Hosted by Casting Director Suzanne Smith

Legendary casting director, Suzanne Smith will talk about her vast experience of casting and the elusive question of what exactly it is that makes an...

Berkley & Gloucester
11:00 am

How To Nail Those Commercial Castings

Hosted by Michael Cox of Hammond Cox Casting

Top commercial casting director, Michael Cox of Hammond & Cox Casting, will share his wealth of commercial casting experience and insider tips on how...

12:00 pm

Making sure your CV skills are relevant and your talents are fit for purpose

Hosted by Casting Directors Carolyn McLeod, Olivia Brittain (Jina Jay Casting) and Sharon Sorrentino

Many actors are multi-faceted and have a vast array of abilities listed on their CV, but if a casting director called and you had to be on set using...

1:00 pm

THE TOP 10 Working Actor Mistakes & Solutions

Hosted by Valorie Hubbard of Actor’s Fast Track

Actor’s Fast Track has been helping actors get work and build professional careers using simple, actionable steps. In this past year alone some of the...

2:00 pm

Choose the Right Audition Monologue

Hosted by Director Michael Bryher on behalf of Nick Hern Books

Learn how to find and prepare the perfect monologue – one that suits you, showcases your talent and gives you the very best chance of nailing the...

3:00 pm

Be empowered and live the career you want

Hosted by Acting Coach Daniel Dresner and Actor Abiola Ogunbiyi on behalf of Methuen Drama

In this interactive seminar, Daniel and Abiola will explore what it takes to build a career in the entertainment industry. They will discuss attitude,...

4:00 pm

Agents Speak

Hosted by Agents Alice Coles of the Artist Partnership & Mildred Yuan of United Agents

Top agents, Alice Coles from the Artists Partnership and Mildred Yuan from United Agents, will speak about their experiences of working with actors, and...

5:00 pm

Film and TV Casting: The Actors Process

Hosted by Casting Director Lucinda Syson & Associate Natasha Vincent

This talk will be advice on the actor’s process including presentation, interpretation of text, self-taping and casting sessions with the intention of...

Montagu Suite
12:00 pm

How to make your next job count

Hosted by an expert panel curated by Curtain Call – including a casting director, director, a producer, a movement director and an actor

So you got the role and you’re in the room. Now what? The dilemma faced by every actor. Fear not, this panel of theatre experts will guide you through...

1:00 pm

Actorpreneur: how to financially survive a career in the arts

Hosted by Ricky Fox of Captain Fantastic

Actors attend drama schools, endless amounts of classes and workshops with the goal of increasing their skills and becoming a well-rounded performer....

2:00 pm

Finding Your Mentor: getting your career to a higher level

Hosted by Marketing expert and career coach Gwyn Gilliss

There’s a reason why most successful people in all professions (politics, business and the arts) have mentors not just coaches. A coach is great to...

3:00 pm

Use TV Presenting Skills to increase your audition success AND make money

Hosted by Training Director Brian Naylor of the TV Training Academy

Have you ever thought about becoming a TV presenter, vlogger or using video to get more visible online and grow your audience? Would you like to earn...

4:00 pm

The Science of Acting

Hosted by Actor/Director and Writer Nick Cawdron of The Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts

This introductory seminar will begin to explain how actors use The Science of Acting and how clear and simple points of reference enable spontaneity and...

5:00 pm

What To Do When Nobody Knows Who You Are

Hosted by Actor David William Bryan and Casting Director Ellie Collyer-Bristow

This seminar hosted by prolific casting director, Ellie Collyer-Bristow, and hugely successful solo writer and performer, David William Bryan, will look...