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7 Reasons to attend Surviving Actors London 2016

When attending an Actors event in London, why are you best to choose Surviving Actors? The answer is simple - variety and value!   In one place you can get advice from top Industry players and... more

“Fight your way to the top by being the best you can be” by Dan Styles of Independent Drama

Many look at stage combat as just learning how to safely punch and stab, but that’s really the easy part, adding intention, motivation, status, stakes, etc, while maintaining an awareness of safety (without... more

Open Casting Call News – Surviving Actors 2016

Open Casting Surviving Actors 2016

This year at Surviving Actors there will be an open casting call with Talkinglens Productions. The Open Casting will be first come, first served (as it always is) but in order to get your hands on the... more