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SA 2015 – How To Get The Most Out Of The Event

Surviving Actors is now only a week away! How the time flies. We hope you’ve all managed to book onto some of our incredible workshops and seminars and are ready and rearing to go. We thought it would be useful to write a little blog for newcomers to the event as well as for Surviving Actors veterans to give you some tips about getting the most out of the event.

The event itself starts at 10am so we recommend you arrive early 9am onwards if you are looking to book a 1-2-1 session with any of our 3 industry professionals. This year Emma Dyson (Spotlight), Tilly Blackwood (the Actors Centre) and Yvonne l’Anson will be holding short sessions that will focus entirely on you and give you the opportunity to ask specific questions to do with your own circumstances and career path. These 1-2-1 sessions are first come first served so:

-Arrive early

-Queue at the information point

-Book your 1-2-1 slot


If you don’t manage to book a session then have no fear, there will be a ballroom full of industry professionals to speak to!

Next up, bring your CV’s! We will have five Casting Director Dropboxes for you to pop your CV into; Carolyn McLeod, Janis Jaffa, Nicci Topping, Sarah Hughes and Irene Cotton. Each CD will then review the CV’s which have been put in their specific box so if you want to be seen by all, then bring 5 CV’s. You are of course welcome to pop in Headshots and hard copy Showreels. Think about presentation and remember to bind Headshots & CV’s together securely with your details on the back.

Bring business cards! Surviving Actors is all about networking, after you’ve had a good conversation with someone, hand them your card to make sure you are remembered. Also, bring a notepad! It seems like an obvious tip but so often people forget and can’t write down all the helpful advice they receive in Seminars and Workshops or even write down the contact details of people that they’ve spoken with throughout the day.

Be on time but not super early for Seminars and Workshops. We recommend heading to your room 5 minutes before the session is due to start, if you arrive too early then you may be caught in a stampede of people leaving the previous session! (We don’t want any injuries!) Also remember it is CASH ONLY when buying Seminar and Workshop tickets on the day!

There will also be a cloakroom so you can leave heavy jackets and bags there rather than lugging them around all day.

Finally, have fun! Surviving Actors is all about having a good time whilst networking. Try to get round all of the exhibitors and if you have a smile on your face and are interacting and engaging then you are sure to be noticed!

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch you can tweet us @survivingactors or get us on Facebook/SurvivingActors. We can’t wait to see you all there!