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Open Casting Call News – Surviving Actors 2016

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This year at Surviving Actors there will be an open casting call with Talkinglens Productions.

The Open Casting will be first come, first served (as it always is) but in order to get your hands on the script, and find out full information of the roles available please apply here.

This year – we are also offering an opportunity for those who do not get the chance to audition, the opportunity to apply via video audition.

If you are attending the open casting call here is what we suggest:

  • Apply online first, to get your hands on the script.
  • Ensure you’ve got your free general admission e-ticket ready for quick entrance: www.survivingactors.com/tickets
  • Arrive early to ensure that you are first in the queue for the slots (the event opens at 10am)
  • Have your headshot and CV with you in case the production company ask to see it
  • Be available all day in case your audition slot is not until the end of the day (there will be lots to keep you busy at the event!).

Good Luck to all involved!


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