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Surviving Actors London 2019 Open Casting Call Hosted By StarNow

Pay: Equity

Dates of principle photography: 01/05/19 – 10/06/19

Production: Low Flyers II

Genre: Comedy

The Story: Four underachieving college students set off on their next shenanigan fuelled holiday in the second instalment of Low Flyers.

Gregory: Male aged 20-35

The manager of a cafe considers himself to be worldly, cultured and deems himself to be what others should aspire to. Extremely pretentious and loves taking the credit for other peoples hard work.

Sarah: Female aged 18-35

University student, very knowledgeable but has a lack of friends due to her clumsiness often putting the people around her in unfortunate situations.

Boat Sailor: Aged 40-60 Any Gender

British boat sailor who loves the sea, gone a bit mad over the years after spending too much time sailing alone. Has been banned from sailing but will find any excuse to jump back on a boat.

Traveller: Any age Any Gender

Has travelled the world, seen it all and done it all. Holds a bit of resentment for western society having spent time observing some of the poorest places in the world.


Important Notes:

We strongly recommend you arrive early – audition slots are first come, first served and typically go within the first hour of the event.

Not everyone is guaranteed an audition slot – and everyone must sign up on the day. There are no pre-allocated slots.

To gain entry to Surviving Actors please sign up for a free e-ticket. Sign up here: http://www.survivingactors.com/tickets

Please prepare a 2 minute monologue of your choice and bring your CV & Headshot.

Any questions please email info@survivingactors.com Please do not approach the production company directly.