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Finding Your Mentor: getting your career to a higher level

Date 9th February 2019
Starts 2:00 pm
Finishes 2:45 pm
Room Montagu Suite
Hosted by Marketing expert and career coach Gwyn Gilliss
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There’s a reason why most successful people in all professions (politics, business and the arts) have mentors not just coaches. A coach is great to give you encouragement and feedback or teach you technique, but a true mentor has travelled the path before you and knows exactly where you need to step next for maximum results.


The three qualities of a great mentor are:

1 They’ve done it

2 They’ve already helped others do it successfully

3 They can help you do it


Whether you want to focus on a stage career, TV series (sitcom or prime time drama) or feature films, whether you want to live in London, New York or Los Angeles, finding the mentor who knows these markets and has ‘been there done that’, is absolutely essential. Mentors can be teachers or industry professionals who have the added advantage of referring you or connecting you to directors, producers, writers and those who can hire you for specific projects. This seminar will include how to find your mentor, what qualities to look for and how mentoring works versus an acting coach.

Gwyn Gilliss, an international marketing expert and mentor for actors has been there, done that. A top supermodel at 14, theatre training at Carnegie Mellon (working with the Yale instructors who trained Meryl Streep), ten years of classical theatre, playing roles from Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams to Arthur Miller, Moliere to Ibsen, in resident and repertory companies across America, appearing in Broadway shows (both musical and drama), 18 contract roles on daytime and prime time TV series as well as feature films, she has done it all. Gwyn can show you how to jumpstart your career to the next level and personally refer you to the power players who can represent you, call you in to audition for major roles and hire you!