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Upcoming Workshops

Montagu Workshop
12:00 pm


Hosted by Musical Theatre Performer and Yoga Instructor Jessica Louise Parkinson

Aimed specifically at actors, singers, dancers and creatives, this #YogaForCreatives workshop will give a brief introduction into how you can use yoga to...

1:00 pm

Scene Study

Hosted by Casting Director Lucy Jenkins

Lucy is one half of Jenkins McShane Casting.

She is a member of the CDG and BAFTA.

2:00 pm

Immerse in the role in 3 easy steps

Hosted by Louise O’Leary of Standby Method Acting Studio

StandBy Method Acting Studio’s practical workshop will reveal the three
easy method acting steps vital to immersing in the role and delivering...

3:00 pm

Action and Impulse- finding freedom

Hosted by Simon Trinder of ICAT (Independent Centre for Actor Training) London

A high energy, totally practical intro to the basic principles of British theatre legend, Mike Alfreds. This workshop will be a hugely informative...

4:00 pm

Practise Your Self-Tape

Hosted by Casting Director Manuel Puro

Get up on your feet and practise self-taping with like-minded actors. Learn how to compose your frame and choose the best eyelines, how to add title...

5:00 pm

General American Accent Workshop

Hosted by Voice, accent, and communication skills coach Sonja Field

Needing an American accent for an audition, stage show, TV series or film? Salvatore will help you with quick and simple tips on how to place and...