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Upcoming Seminars

Seymour & Devonshire
10:45 am

The Business of getting Voiceover Work

Hosted by Rachael Naylor of The VoiceOver Network

This talk will give you on overview of the voiceover industry and what it takes to book regular work. Rachael will cover topics such as home studios,...

11:45 am

Improve your chances of success

Hosted by Ken Rea & guests on behalf of Methuen Drama

In this seminar Ken will explore what many well-known actors were doing which made them stand out from the rest when they got their break.

12:45 pm

Me or What I can be? Challenging Typecasting

Hosted by Photographer Michael Wharley and Casting Directors Rachel Sheridan and Kirsty Kenner

It’s an eternal acting quandary: you get the girl next door but could play Medea; you’re the best friend never the romantic lead; you are...

1:45 pm

How To Become A Successful TV & Video Presenter

Hosted by Brian Naylor of TV Training Academy

Imagine sitting on the sofa with Phil and Holly, travelling the world presenting on sports channels or maybe delivering the weather on the BBC. Well, our...

2:45 pm

Acting for Performance Capture

Hosted by Oliver Hollis-Leick of The Mocap Vaults

Made famous by Andy Serkis, performance capture is the brave, new frontier that is placing higher demands than ever on today’s actors. With video games...

3:45 pm

Moving your career to the United States

Hosted by Galen Criscione of law firm Criscione Ravala LLP

Galen Criscione, the founding partner of law firm Criscione Ravala, LLP will provide an overview of the intersection between the arts and immigration...

4:45 pm

Securing Representation To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Hosted by Deborah Willey from Independent Talent and Joe Powell from Curtis Brown

Securing the right representation, at the right time can be a real game changer for your career. But how do you know when the right time is, and what...

Berkley & Gloucester
11:00 am

Let Your Confidence Shine In The Casting Room

Hosted by Casting Directors Nancy Bishop, Rachel Sheridan and Actors Jessica Louise Parkinson & Jessica Regan

Having confidence in your own ability is key to helping the Casting Director believe that you are right for the role. But how much is “too” much...

12:00 pm

How To Create The Career Of Your Dreams In L.A

Hosted by Jen Jostyn, Camille Thornton-Alson and Peter Goldfinger

Speak L.A. is “Los Angeles’ #1 Actors’ Resource!”  – Ross King – host on Good Morning...

1:00 pm

Working on Screen

Hosted by TV Director Steve Finn and Film Producer/Director Tim Kent of The Actors Studio

In this seminar Steve Finn and Tim Kent – two industry heavyweights – will talk candidly about screen acting, the demands of being on set and...

2:00 pm

Breaking into the LA Market

Hosted by Marketing Mentor, Gwyn Gilliss

Even A list movie stars George Clooney, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon sign on to Prime Time TV series shooting in LA. It’s a Golden Age of TV...

3:00 pm

Solving the Problem: You are Brilliant, but nobody knows you exist

Hosted by Coach, Author and Former Actor, Charlotte Thornton

This seminar will deliver simple strategies to solve the actor’s biggest problem: getting known and getting seen. Charlotte Thornton, coach and author...

4:00 pm

Writing Your First Script

Hosted by Dare Aiyegbayo and Lily Bevan

Every actor looks for a great script with a compelling charact er they can immerse themselves in, but great material with well-drawn characters isn͛t...

5:00 pm

How To Self-Tape

Hosted by Casting Director Manuel Puro

Learn tips and tricks about how to film and send your self-tapes for the best results. We’ll cover ideal framing, appropriate backgrounds, sound...

10:45 am

Secrets To A Successful Call Back

Hosted by Casting Director Carol Dudley

The first round of auditions is out the way – and you’ve got the call back! Great job, now what can you do now to secure that role? Our guest casting...

11:45 am

Self-Taping for Films & TV

Hosted by Casting Director Kirsty Kinnear

An insight in to what is required for a successful self tape for film and television and how to go about it. Looking at techniques that can improve your...

12:45 pm

Auditioning For Film & TV

Hosted by Casting Director Nancy Bishop

Nancy teaches a proven method for screen auditioning and acting. The technique meshes Stanislavskian naturalistic acting with a pragmatic approach to...

1:45 pm

Auditioning For Theatre

Hosted by Casting Director Lucy Jenkins

Lucy Jenkins discusses the behind the scenes steps of the casting process, from the breakdowns, to the audition, calls backs and finally the offer. What...

2:45 pm

Tax! Paperwork! Expenses! Advice for creatives

Hosted by partner Mark Livermore of MGM Accountancy

MGM will deliver a seminar, which will touch on all of the most important areas regarding taxation for creatives!

3:45 pm

Cultivating A ‘Bulletproof’ Mindset To Take On The Acting Industry

Hosted by Actor/Voiceover Artist/Founder of ‘Act on This’ Ross Grant

After working for more than a decade in the acting industry and spending more than 200 hours interviewing the most successful casting directors on the...

4:45 pm

How to Get A Voice Over Agent

Hosted by Rachael Naylor & Guest Voice Over Agents

Securing a voice over agent can be a great step in to the exciting and fast moving world of Voice Over. What are the differences between securing a voice...